A little bit about us

Our team culture is based on the following statement:
'working together as a team to serve our patients'

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As our client you are our top priority

As most of our website is about you, we felt we could take this opportunity to tell you something about us.

We want you to trust us and by showing you who we are, this may help you realise that dentists are humans! Especially as we’ll probably have our hands in your mouth at some point, and that’s no position to be in with a complete stranger.

OUR commitment

Six promises & benefits

  1. We use the latest digital technology along with the highest quality materials and the best UK dental laboratories.
  2. We are committed to our patients’ interests first, providing you with daily emergency appointment slots.
  3. We are calm and caring in nature and provide you with our time.
  4. Heritage- we have been here for over 50 years serving our local community.
  5. Work together to give you membership plans and affordable ways to pay for first class service.
  6. We have convenient appointments before and after work, school, and some Saturdays too.
our philosophy

We want to give you the best of everything; that applies to our Berkshire dental team, technology and practice.

Why choose us?

We all know that integrity and trust are important to any relationship, be it business or personal. When you apply that to a relationship with our customers, listening to their needs and being ready to assist when needed, being able to help out makes us service orientated. This is why a customer calls and tells us that their gums are bleeding, the team is willing to stay late or work their lunch to accommodate. It’s what we come together for every day.

Is this approach in our upbringing/genes/thinking – we’re not completely sure. One thing is for sure – people with these values are the people we want to be in our team, our family. We want to continue to make Confidental a fun place to work at and continue to make us thrive, by taking care of you.

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The Confidental difference

Confidental by itself is just a building. What makes us special are the Team members who deliver your care - results from this are often life-changing.

Each and every one of our Team adds something to define who we are as Confidental and we all subscribe to 4 Key Values; hard work, doing the right thing for our patients, teamwork, respect for all.

"We work together as a team to serve our patients"

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